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Hell Yes! Here's Dua Lipa's New Tune "Last Dance"

London's tipped pop contender drops her third ever track and it bangs.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Feb 8 2016, 7:58pm

Since Dua Lipa (pronounced Leepa) dropped her second ever single "Be The One" at the end of October I've listened to it at least once a week four times in a row. I loved it's glossy pop synths and her husky lilt so much she made my best of 2015 list, easy. Since then her video's clocked over three million views and she made the cut for the coveted BBC Sound of 2016 list. So we're excited to announce that not only will she be our upcoming Noisey Next this Thursday (our new series highlighting artists we're backing big time), but today we're premiering her third single, "Last Dance." Below the 20-year-old London-born Kosovan comes off like a mini-Rihanna: ballsy, beautiful, and possessing a voice that's powerful one minute and a magnetically vulnerable the next. This tune in particular lends itself more to the dance floor with those house-y synth chords.

"I wrote 'Last Dance' in Toronto with Talay Riley and it's produced by Koz," explains Dua. "I was homesick and tired and was really missing home. It was a very honest moment for me where I was able to write about how I was feeling that very moment. Every time I listen back to the track it takes me back to that exact moment and how I felt. It's kind of magic."

Come back on Thursday for our profile of Dua Lipa for Noisey Next.