OG Swaggerdick and Bauce Sauce's "Lunchables" Video Just Reinvented the Lunch-Themed Rap Game

The hardest song ever made comparing oral sex to a boxed food offering aimed at elementary schoolers gets a hilarious video, directed by Goodwin.

Dec 18 2014, 3:11pm

Whether he was bothering people on a bus in his music video or making new friends at the bus stop or not on a bus at all, Boston oddball OG Swaggerdick had a pretty great 2014, putting out the hilarious and awesome mixtape Game Boy Colored.

One of the standout tracks on that project is "Lunchables," which is without a doubt the hardest song ever made comparing oral sex to a boxed food offering aimed at elementary schoolers. Beyond the inherent dopeness of Lunchables as inspiration, though, the song also has some serious #bars, especially when guest and occasional Noisey contributor Bauce Sauce shows up with lines like "looking at the menu I'll have your chick" and "I'm a war veteran of your bedroom." Most impressively, Bauce joins Andre 3000 as the only rapper to successfully rhyme with the word orange this year when he drops this gem: "stretch the Rover out pull up in a long Range / same color as o-range / wanna see me well that's something we can ar-range." Straight. Heat.

Naturally, the video, directed by "Tuesday" director and young legend Goodwin, does not disappoint, with Bauce and Swaggerdick dipping hundred dollar bills in Lunchables nacho cheese, talking to the Lunchables and some 2x4s, and whipping the Citibikes in Times Square before hitting up some tourists for selfies. Be careful or Bauce Sauce might just ride off with your girl looking like this:

OG Swaggerdick offered the following statement on the video:

"This a track off Game Boy Colored produced by this tall ass quiet nigga named Humbeats (He funny af though), but ANYWHO.. Me + my nigga Bauce Sauce had to make a trip to NY to show these niggas what the fuck we mean when we say "Hoes eat my dick like Lunchables" YOU EVER HAD A HOE EAT YO DICK LIKE A CRACKER HAM CHEESE COMBO?! I AINT THINK SO! Niggas thought we was playing so you know we had to bring Little Pain out to show these bitch ass niggas we mean business! CAUSE REAL NIGGAS IS CRYING & DYING OVER THIS LUNCHABLES SHIT! THIS AINT A GAME! (Btw grandma if you reading this I'm bout to go get the milk out the car right now don't hit me) Shoutsout Prince I'm coming for your blouse nigga! Love You"

Check out the video for "Lunchables" below:

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