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Director X Breaks Down Drake's "Worst Behavior" Video

Drake pays homage to his second home, Memphis, in his latest video.

by Lauren Nostro
Nov 12 2013, 3:24pm

At this point, Director X has recreated the three experiences that have shaped Drake's life: his bar mitzvah in "HYFR," growing up in Toronto in "Started From The Bottom," and finally, spending his summers in Memphis with his father in "Worst Behavior." It's easy for X to work with Drake, he says, because he always just wants his videos to stand out.

They do.

The video for the Nothing Was The Same cut premiered yesterday, and it's almost 10 minutes long—with almost half of he video dedicated to another skit with OVO's OB O'Brien, Ryan Silverstein, Juicy J, and Project Pat—and an owl suit. Sound familiar? They did the same sort of breakdown in his "Started From The Bottom" clip in a grocery store. Where we saw Drake dancing down the street with snow falling and his mother standing on the porch, we now watch Dennis Graham lay down some music in the studio and dance in a parking lot with Drake's uncles—and make a visit to what was his grandmother's house.

Between the opening scene in Willie Mitchell's Royal Studios to Drake parading down Beale St., the visuals pay homage to where he spend his summers growing up. We called Director X to have him break down some of the scenes in the video, like where they found Unsweet Tea, whose idea the skit was, and the finale scene with "From Time" playing chopped and slopped.

Here's a scene-by-scene breakdown with the legendary Director X:

"Drake writes his own treatments. He came up with the whole concept, and we started in early October. He already had the idea together, and took it to Memphis to see his father’s side of the family. Dennis is the man in Memphis, and Willie Mitchell is his family."

"In those scenes, those are all of his uncles, in the beginning. It’s all of his family."

"It’s not like Drake changes who he is when he goes to Memphis, it’s just him. It just makes more sense, it explains a bit of him. The scene with all of the cars, across the street from the soul food place, right around the corner from the studio, those are just neighborhood kids."

"The boys had that own suit made for the skit, it was a very free flowing process when they got together. They had the owl suit made. The real reason was just them having fun and just doing something funny. That’s Drake. We wanted to do a skit and we had all of these elements to play with so, it happens very fast and is very free flowing. Drake got Three 6 guys for the video. They’re Memphis dudes, so it just worked."

"Unsweet Tea was a guy who was just there. It was very organic. [Laughs] When we were shooting the pink limos, I pulled up and I saw him outside and he was dancing. That was before, he was just dancing around. So, one of the guys grabbed him and was like, ‘He’s going to be in it.’ And the next thing you know, meet Unsweet Tea. Just worst behavior, doing what we had to do to get it done."

"The chicken spot and the restaurant with the limos outside of it, that’s right around the corner from Drake’s grandmother’s house, where he used to go every summer. And his father would drive around there and that’s where he’d be at. You’re really talking about a neighborhood that he knows. That restaurant and those pink limos, and the pink trailer, that’s part of the restaurant’s whole scene. That’s what Drake knows, that’s where he spent his summers. That’s what it’s all about."

"There’s nothing really to show besides, it’s Drake. I thought it was really important to get to his grandmother’s house so you can see that, and just to go to certain staples and see certain things."

"You can’t clear Beale St. You just deal with it. That’s why it looks like he’s walking down the street with a freakin’ mob because everyone on Beale St. was following him. Memphis is a town for grown-ups, so you can walk around with alcohol in the street. It’s some real-grown up shit. So you can have your alcohol and be outside."

And if you're wondering who the girl is sitting in the car with Drake during the final scene as "From Time" plays chopped and slopped, that's Jet Life Recording's leading lady, Mary Gold. The trailer teaser for her new mixtape Sex Hormone'd Druggie is below, and it's semi-NSFW.

"That girl is an artist, but she’s a really dope artist that Drake wanted to bring out and put in the video. Drake says she’s dope, so she’s dope."

Watch the full video for "Worst Behavior" below:

Lauren Nostro would like to meet Dennis Graham. She's on Twitter - @laurencynthia