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Parquet Courts Visit The Uncanny Valley and Get Weird on "Human Performance" Video

It's all about the cold, dead stare in the eyes of those puppets.

by Noisey Staff
Jun 29 2016, 1:48pm

The third video to be released from Parquet Courts’s brilliant Human Performance LP starts out innocently enough, with lead singer Andrew Savage being filled in for by a crude puppet, the rest of the New York quartet represented by their Muppet avatars, thrashing away at their instruments. But Parquet Courts aren’t here to do charming, half-odd videos and they never were. It takes roughly two minutes for the “Human Performance” video to abseil down into the uncanny valley and set up camp, a series of ever creepier, ever more lifelike puppets doing ever more sexual things to each other with everything moving except a cold dead stare in their eyes.

It’s also easy to forget just how good Human Performance is as a record, a couple months out from its release. The title track is one of the most openly melodic tracks that Savage has put out since his time with Teenage Cool Kids and there’s a groove to it that encapsulates the band’s essential urge towards the laconic.

Check it out below.

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