Listen to "Commercial," the Blistering New Track from Yung

Yung are one of the most catchy, yet furious groups we've come across in a minute.
May 26, 2016, 11:50am

If music were to be based on a game wherein the most fashionable emerges triumphant, then the dude from Yung in the green jacket would surely be waltzing down High Street Kensington, fluttering fifty pound from his deepened pockets of riches and joy. That, or his incredibly sauve, coordinated outfit at least deserves to be the inspiration for a mannikin in the Danish branch of Beyond Retro - which is the country where these four young punk upstarts were born and bred.

It was here in Denmark—specifically the industrial city of Aarhus—that Yung picked up instruments and formed one of the most catchy, yet furious groups we've come across since discovering music made with guitars could be as infectious as the pop songs we heard on the radio as small, innocent, wide-eyed children. It was also from here that we premiered the group's debut single "Nobody Cares," which in turn, made a lot of people care, because Yung are now signed to Fat Possom, who are one of the best labels putting out this sort of rambunctiously blessed music.

Yung will be releasing their debut album A Youthful Dream on June 10, and in advance of that we're premiering another track called "Commercial," which, in the self-aggrandising belief that we can predict the future, we desperately hope will make their new record a moderate commercial success. Melodic as fuck and more urgent than a toilet-break after drinking three cups of coffee, it's the sort of track that deserves to be heard by anyone with an ear for the kinda music that sits halfway between Jay Reatard and The Replacements.

Here's what Mikkel from the band had to say about the track: "I originally demoed it a couple of years back but didn't really like it back then. When we where about to record the album it resurfaced out of the blue and made it onto the album. Lyrically it's about the very strange effect adveritsing can have on you. Some tv ads can really light up your own appalling everyday life."

Listen below.

Catch Yung on tour at the following dates:

May 20th: Pop Revo Festival, Aarhus, DK
June 7th: Brussels, Atelier
June 8th: Paris, Mecanique Ondalatoire
June 9th: Guildford, Boileroom
June 10th: Bristol, Start The Bus
June 11th Manchester, Fallow Cafe
June 12th: Glasgow, Nice'n'Sleazy
June 13th: Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
June 14th: London, Shacklewell Arms
June 16th: Brighton, Prince Albert
June 17th: Amsterdam, Black Eye Club @ Oedipus Brewery
July 1st: Rockorama Festival, Toulon, France.
July 16th: Kliko Fest, Haarlem, Netherlands.
July 17th: Welcome To The Village Festival, Leeuwarden, Netherlands.