Bjork Is the Anime Alien Here to Save Us from Ourselves: A Photo Report

Bjork is sound.

Jun 7 2015, 7:04pm

Swag. Photo by Santiago Felipe.

Last night at Gov Ball, Bjork was espeically Bjork. Maybe that's a cheap way to describe someone—hey, this person is so much like how you expect this person to be—but I think it's OK to describe Bjork that way. Because there is, genuinely, no other person who is like Bjork. Her set featured an orchestra (duh) and she dressed like an alien anime character. She played her new album and it was both hilarious and dumb and incredible and wonderful and stupid and pretentious and silly and absurd and positive and negative and every other feeling you can feel as a human being, except those feelings are turbo-ized. You guys know that cliche about how you can't take your eyes off of a train wreck? It was invented for Bjork, except she isn't a train wreck and is instead is a rocket launching into space on its first quest to Mars. Bjork doesn't make sense. But life doesn't make sense. She's perfect. It's awesome.

Here, let's just have a look.

Continued below.

This is her with her band of people who have been watching too many episodes of The Leftovers.

This is her summoning a spirit.

This is her being like "oops I summoned a spirit." (Or doing the prayer hands emoji, I can't decide).

This is her doing an impression of Obama.

And this is her looking at the side of the stage, probably at her manager or publicist or something but I like to imagine she's instead just staring at God. Or maybe Future.

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