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Hey Seattle, Come to Our Next Jansport Bonfire Session, Featuring Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Craft Spells, and La Luz

Three cool bands, for free, in Seattle. Find out where to RSVP.

by Noisey Staff
Jun 14 2014, 7:18pm

You know what's cool? Music. You know who makes cool music? Unknown Mortal Orchestra, who are all over the weird, psychadelic, grandiose indie rock tip. Also La Luz, who are a fun band with a ton of sweet, jangly melodies. And Craft Spells, who make pretty rock that's perfect for stoking all your summer nostalgia.

Another crazy fact about all of these bands is that they're all playing the next Jansport Bonfire Session, presented by Noisey. It's in Seattle at Hilliard's Brewery on Saturday, June 28, starting at 6 PM. And all you have to do to go is be 21 or older and RSVP here.

That's right: Dope music, for free, in Seattle. We plan on seeing you there.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
La Luz