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Insult to Injury: Week Ending 3/14

Here's what the Noisey editors (the ones who aren't at SXSW, anyway) were listening to this week.

by Noisey Staff
Mar 14 2014, 9:08pm
Welcome to Insult to Injury, the place where the Noisey editors lift their heads up from their keyboards for five fucking minutes to talk about what they've been listening to. This week, half of the office is at (and fortunately staying safe at) SXSW and the rest of us are hunched over a desk, typing these dumb words right now. Here's what those left behind in the New York winter have been listening to. (Also, I think Eric is doing that thing again where he lets Lauren write his entry.)

Josef Salvat - "Every Night"
Someone snuck this track onto my phone with no title which meant I had to google the lyrics to find out who the hell wrote this completely perfect song. It kicks off like "Dojo Rising" by Cloud Control and finishes with mournfully sexy slide guitars like Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" and in the middle Salvat soars like Jeff Buckley, while the harmonies make me want to hear "I Only Have Eyes for You" by The Flamingos in a candlelit room. The fact that this London-via-Sydney singer has brought together all these references, intentional or otherwise, means that I'm now his number one fan. And the lyrics? Well no one can really understand the magnetism that exists between two people. Or as Salvat puts it: "... They don’t get you need the dishes I serve."

Kim Taylor Bennett, Style Editor
Kim on Noisey | Kim on Twitter

FIDLAR - "No Waves"
We put on this show last Saturday and a majillion people showed up which was cool. I had to “DJ” which was not as cool. Basically, I was too lazy to sit there and take people’s dumb requests (sorry, bro, I'm not playing your Comeback Kid song or whatever) so I just made a playlist on my iPod and plugged that badboy in and went on autopilot. When this song came on, dear friend and punk celebrity Jeff Rosenstock, who was standing 10 feet away from me, texted me to ask what band this was. Wow, we are really lazy as a society. To answer your question, Jeff, it was this song.

Dan Ozzi, Editor
Dan on Noisey | Dan on Twitter

Mapei f/ Chance the Rapper - "Dont Wait" Remix
There has been a handful of times when Chance the Rapper sounds entirely off on guest verses—it's okay because it's Chance and his vocals don't really fit on everything. But on the absolutely stunning Mapei track "Don't Wait"—seriously this song hits my heart in a way where I get goosebumps and my eyes well with tears—Chance's verse gives an extra bump of long-distance love and wanting. With that said, we need new music from Mapei immediately—with or without guest verses.

Lauren Nostro, Guest Editor
Lauren on Noisey | Lauren on Twitter
Real Estate "Had to Hear"
Hey guys. Been a pretty long week, honestly. I, Eric, have really been into indie rock lately because the LOEL (yes, love of Eric's life) hasn't been at Beloved this week so the guitar riffs and atmospheric sounds of indie music have really been hitting me hard right in my heart. It's hard because Lauren makes me listen to a lot of Lil Silk and Drew is really into Migos right now—which he saw at the fucking amazing Noisey show at fucking SXSW, the best fucking festival out right now, but I've been just sitting here, listening to indie music. Anyway, I (Eric, not Lauren) was pretty disappointed last week because Lauren, who solely listens to rap, did a way better interview than I did with an indie band called Woods. They talked about yoga, feelings, crafting an album, while I sat there with half of my face buried in my 22 oz. styrofoam cup contemplating when my LOEL would finally realize she's my LOEL. Anyway, sorry, Real Estate's "Had to Hear" really is a metaphor for how the LOEL has to hear my feelings one day. They're there. Also I miss my mom, she just left on Monday she was here for a yoga retreat last weekend so that was nice seeing here but this weekend my college roommate is in town so I naturally feel a lot of nostalgia, more like Nosetalgia get it? (Lauren, get it?) Anyway, cheers to Real Estate! Go Iowa!

Eric Sundermann, Managing Editor
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Jim Jones feat. Trey Songz "Summer Wit Miami"
At the start of this week the weather finally reached above freezing for the first time in recent memory, making it the unofficial start of "Canadian Summer," which takes place after our nation escapes the six month long darkness which envelops us for the annual "Canadark Solstice." The minute the weather reached thaw status, I started playing this song. Shortly after, we got a snow storm. I'm not saying that these two events are related, but I took the song off my daily playlist this morning and now it's warm enough to wear shorts. Stay woke.

Slava Pastuk, Canadian Editor
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