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Listen to Peter Hadar's "Magic"

Have sex to Peter Hadar's "Magic."

by Nick Rattigan
May 24 2013, 3:11pm

It is a scientific fact that 90% of all pop songs are about making woopie (fucking). Whether deeply woven in the latent areas of the song or expressed blatantly in the lyrics, the theme of taking the ol' tour bus to Fuck City, Vermont is nearly always present. Every once in awhile, you get a track that provides perfect (quiet) storm of sensuality and BPM to give what the experts called "baby makin' music."

That being said, we present the new track from New Jersey's Peter Hadar, "Magic." When you put it on it automatically dims the lights in your room, pops a bottle of champagne, and takes off your pants. If you happen disagree with my argument just look at the guy. "Magic" is part of his Entrees Gourmet EP and you can stream the track below.

Also be sure to catch Peter Hadar on his European tour.

June 2nd - Eglo Anniversary @ Jazz Cafe, London, England

June 5th - Rimshot @Chesters, Berlin, Germany

June 20th -c/o-Pop Festival @ Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld Cologne, Germany

June 26th Love Episodes @Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld Cologne, Germany June 26-30 @ Paris, France