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Watch the New Video for Spectrals' "A Heartbeat Behind"

Another drab day of arcade tomfoolery and wistful beach walks.

by Nick Rattigan
Jun 10 2013, 8:30pm

Louis Jones—AKA Spectrals—is the perfect example of a slap in the face to critics of lo-fi music. Spectrals started in 2009 with a series of seven-inches and EPs dedicated to the art of the bedroom recording. Five years later, Jones writes the same melancholy pop gems but has matured in his level of recording and mastering the songs. His new album, Sob Story, produced by Chet J.R. White (Girls), is proof that even without the layer of fuzz and feedback, the songwriter has nothing to hide.

A similar sentiment is expressed in his newest video for "A Heartbeat Behind," which features the high definition, static shots of a deadpan Jones and his brother/drummer Will going through a weary day full of passive arcade playing and meaningless beach walking. Sob Story is out June 18th on Slumberland, but you can preorder it here.