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Watch Donald Trump Jiggle His Bloated Jowels to Shoegaze

Apparently, the future President frickin' loves My Bloody Valentine.

by Dan Ozzi
Aug 12 2015, 7:29pm

Sure, we know what the common criticism of Donald Trump is: He seems too good to be true. The future President of these United States spouts off one infallible opinion after another, and has a solid and reasonable vision for the future of our great nation. (Which is why Noisey endorsed him for President.) But underneath his perfectly tanned rawhide flesh, Great Leader Trump is but a human being. Like many fellow humans beings, he enjoys the simple pleasures in life, like a sweet shoegaze jam. Here is The Donald nodding and droning along to My Bloody Valentine’s “When You Sleep.” See? He’s just like us. Can’t wait to hear this jam blasting from the Oval Office, Mr. Trump!

Donald Trump
My Bloody Valentine