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PREMIERE: Is Yo Gotti and Fetty Wap's "Tell Me" Video the Pentagon's Best Kept Defense Secret?

This video is going to defeat ISIS.

by Kyle Kramer
Jan 29 2016, 3:33pm

Freedom isn't free, and don't Fetty Wap and Yo Gotti know it. That's why, in the Zaytoven-produced song "Tell Me," they reassure their paramours that they have the money to take said paramours anywhere. It's also why, in the video for "Tell Me," there is a shit ton of military equipment, reminding us that, along with the troops and their anti-aircraft guns, Yo Gotti, Fetty Wap, and a lot of scantily clad women are also protecting our freedom.

Whose idea was it to film a video that involved twerking in front of a tank and Yo Gotti's whole squad riding ATVs around in the desert? A goddamn American hero's, that's whose (for reference, the video was directed by Mr. Boomtown). You want to defeat ISIS? Don't just show them a quick overview of America's firepower; show them some gyrating asses and a portrait of the American dream, personified in Fetty and Gotti. Is this collaboration everything America stands for? You're goddamn right it is. Look at Yo Gotti driving a dune buggy:

A lot can go down in the proverbial DM, including, it would appear, hostile regimes and terrorist organizations. This video is going to defeat ISIS. Watch it below:

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