"I Was Blessed with Big Big Big Lips": Peaches Drops Her Video for "Vaginoplasty"

Peaches, synchronized swimmers, dancing vaginas and a song in defense of a big pussy.

Jul 7 2016, 4:47pm

Peaches has just dropped the video for her song "Vaginoplasty" off her latest LP The Rub and as you might imagine from the boundary pushing electro-upstart, it's a fabulously lewd affair. A riot of sequin-bedecked synchronized swimmers, Peaches dancing with a crotch beehive, a dude dressed as a unicorn, and some of her regular cast members dressed as larger than life pussies. Their choreography involves a fair bit of clit play. Instructional.

"This is my version of a fun summertime video inspired by Esther Williams” says Peaches. “I finally got a chance to feature my touring dancers Jess Daly and Agent Cleave and of course the one and only Christeene!” (By the way if you haven't checked out Christeene you really must. She's a fucking hoot.)

Sonically it's a stripped back, deadpan electro banger that sings the praises of having a big pussy and really owning it. There you have it!