PREMIERE: Stay Kvlt as Fvck On the Bvvch with Walter TV's "Surf Metal"

Maybe use sunscreen instead of corpse paint this time.

by John Hill
Mar 4 2015, 5:29pm

Photo courtesy of Cora Hall.

Going to the beach in corpse paint is probably a bitch. Imagine, for a moment: you're just trying to catch some sun when all of the sudden your carefully applied inverted cross starts leaking into the corners of your eyes. I mean, fuck, what do you even do at that point? Act like a big baby and pack up your blanket and picnic basket and sulk in your room? Probably better to just take it, and let it bleed. The surf-kvlt life is not the easiest path. But if you're still trying to stay grvm while at the Hamptons, you should probably listen to Walter TV.

Walter TV is a Los Angeles-based trio that knock out surfy jams that get pretty weird. The band is composed of Simon Ankenman, Joseph McMurray and Pierce McGarry, who you probably recognize from Mac DeMarco's band, which is why it makes sense that their music gets pretty trippy at times. "Surf Metal" drops that punchy kind of rock you know and love from DeMarco's band, but they also throw in elements that suggest it's different While the song bounces and punches along to its punky riffs, some good ol' fashioned black metal like shrieks sneak their way into the background of the song. It's everything you could ever want from a song that can probably be described as "Varg's Day at The Beach."

Check out the song below, and watch their tour trailer right here. Catch 'em on tour:

March 13th | Los Angeles CA | The Echo *
March 14th | San Diego CA | Soda Bar *
March 15th | Tempe AZ | Yucca Tap Room *
March 16th | El Paso TX | Lowbrow Palace *
March 18th | Austin TX | Panache Bruise Cruise Boat Party
March 19th | Austin TX | M For Montreal showcase @ Sledgehammers (1AM)
March 20th | Panache showcase @ Hotel Vegas
March 22nd | Dallas TX | Parade Of Flesh
* with Wand

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