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Stan Simon & The Hotel Bible Kick Up a Shit Storm of Trouble as Outlaws In "The Desert Line"

The Toronto-based band traverse the hard-living American frontier for their new video.

by Byron Yan
Apr 21 2016, 5:56pm

Photo courtesy of Eva Kolodziejski

From train robberies to slinging six shooters, Stan Simon & The Hotel Bible has probably done it all. In their video for "The Desert Line," the Toronto-based country-folk band achieves a very era-appropriate sound with driving electric slide guitars and wailing harmonicas that could easily fit right in with any Western film. The video features a bar littered with broken and empty whiskey bottles, knives as the band performs in what looks like a bar after a pretty nasty brawl.

"I see it as a hefty, salt of the earth, murder ballad about a man that drags too many personal chains behind him and wears the secrets of his past. This creates the highway noir setting, which I've usually taken it upon myself to put my songs into," Stan Simon explains. "'The Desert Line,' at its core, is about a hard-living man running away from his demons but in running away, he's trying to find a better life and a new beginning. He just might not make it and this chase could catch up to him." Watch the video below.

Byron Yan is a writer from Toronto. Follow him on Twitter.

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