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Behind the Scenes of Summer Camp's 90s Teen Slasher Video "Bad Love"

Indie-pop duo and real life lovers Summer Camp take their 90s obsession to the next level here.

by Elizabeth Sankey
May 8 2015, 2:15pm

A lot of bands really hate making videos and I don't understand why. Yes, it is a very long day, and you do spend most of it standing around, feeling tired and cold, but at the end of it you're basically in a really small film, and what's better than that? For the video to our latest single '"Bad Love," off our new album, Bad Love—looks, it's been six years of doing this, we've run out of ideas for titles—we worked with filmmaker Luke Snellin. He directs loads of TV in the UK and is now going to start working on Amercian shows and films too. I imagine working with us is a lot like working with Ryan Gosling so I think he's ready to make the leap. You're welcome, Luke.

This is us with Luke.

He is an excellent man with an excellent beard. I have fake blood on my hands. "Bad Love" was shot in Elstree Studios in London, which is where they shot two Indiana Jones films. It's considered the birthplace of Star Wars, and The Shining was filmed here too. It's also where they made this Bill Murray classic, which Roger Ebert gave one star and called, “Simply not funny.”

In terms of music videos, they shot Queen's flying dismembered head epic for "Bohemian Rhapsody" on one of the stages, so all in all, it seemed like we were in the right place. Some parts of the studio date back to 1914 and to prove that here is a really old looking sign about chains or something.

Right ho' Jeeves!

The idea for the video is that my bandmate Jeremy and I are stars of a 90s teen slasher film. But to find out the rest of the story you have to watch the video. Luke and I decided to base my outfit on Corey from Empire Records. My mascara was smudged perfectly and on purpose by our awesome hair and makeup artist Alyn Waterman who is also Joan Collins's personal stylist. I recommend you check him out on Instagram for more on that, he's the fuckin' best. He used Rimmel Coffee Shimmer on my lips for that real 90s authenticity, and then gave Jeremy this bad-ass quiff.

Freddie Prinze Loser.

We roped in a couple of real life actual actors to help show us how it's done. Bill Milner star of stage and screen and Jessica Barden whose work you can currently appreciate in Far From The Madding Crowd. This is Bill showing off his rad neck slash.

And this is Jessica being forced to flirt with Jeremy.

Luke managed to snag some of the set from Eddie Redmayne's most recent film, The Danish Girl, for our set. I was surprised it didn't have a ceiling but hey, that's the movies, see! *bites down on huge cigar*

And remember these phones?! We had one and my mum was always yelling up the stairs to ask where it was because I would have stolen it to call my friends and then it would get lost under all my crap in my room. Ah, youth.

We filmed some of the video in a trailer, the type that if I was a successful actress I'd be awful and refuse to ever come out of. I have to say, I loved this trailer. I wanted to stay in it forever. One day I plan to be buried in it.

Some really nice people came down to the set at midday to act as extras in the video. They were very good at walking back and forth across the floor over and over again so we took their photo. I can't remember, but I think I had told them to look scared. I hope that's why they look scared; I worry it's not.

And then, eight short hours later, it was all over and there was nothing left to do but pose with an unplugged drill and not help tidy up.

Elizabeth Sankey is one half of Summer Camp and she loves the 90s like Noisey loves bagels. She's on Twitter.

Summer Camp's album Bad Love is out on 5.29 via Moshi Moshi.