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Noisey's Top One Big Hat of the Year

Which hat will make the number one spot?

by Noisey Staff
Dec 23 2014, 6:52pm

Every year, the music press celebrates the accomplishments of artists in the form of ranked lists. All of the year’s categories of musical expression are considered—​albums, songs, and of course, big hats. With this year being no exception, we at Noisey would now like to lend our endorsement to this year’s best big hats in music. Here they are, in order...

1. Pharrell's Big Hat

In a year that included so many iconic moments in big hat culture, it’s hard to choose the number one spot for Noisey’s Top One Big Hat of the Year. Whether it was celebrities wearing big hats at different events or Pharrell wearing his big hat at the Grammy Awards, big hats were a big deal for everyone in 2014. But looking back on the year Pharrell and his big hat have had, it’s hard to argue that the honor should go to anyone else.

2014 was a banner year for Pharrell’s big hat. Everywhere it went—award shows, red carpet events, galas—people would stop and remark: “Hey, Pharrell is wearing a big hat.” Or “Boy, that hat sure is big.” And even “That hat is bigger than a normal hat.” With all the big changes in the world of big hats, it can be easy to forget that, until this February, people didn't even think of big hats that much. Pharrell changed the game. And so for all he has done in terms of bringing about big hat awareness on an international level, there is no other choice for this spot than Pharrell Williams’ big hat.

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