This New Cloud Rat Song,"Dull Bulb" Is Electric

Listen to a new track off the Michigan grindcore visionaries's new split with Drugs of Faith.

Nov 17 2015, 5:17pm

Cloud Rat live / photo by Adam de Gross

A few minutes ago, the excellent No Clean Singing alerted me to the existence of new Cloud Rat material, and because I love (most of) you, I hopped right in here to share it with you. "Dull Bulb" is taken off a brand-new split seven-inch with Northern Virginian menace Drugs of Faith, who contribute two tracks of dissonant grind'n'roll. The record is available now from Selfmadegod Records on red or black—it's a super-limited release, so don't sleep on it!

Noisey favorites Cloud Rat bless us with three—count 'em, three—blistering new tracks here, including "Dull Bulb," which is streaming below. There's no word on a follow-up to this year's phenomenal Qliphoth LP (as well there shouldn't be, as various band members have been busy raising families and basking in the glow of all the praise Qliphoth recieved) but their contribution to this split points towards even more greatness to come.

It might be hyperbolic to call Cloud Rat the future of grind... or it might just be the truth.

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