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Grace Mitchell's Video for "NoLo" Will Make You Wanna Dance In a Parking Lot

Break ups don't always have to be a bummer, you know?

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Nov 25 2015, 3:14pm

Grace Mitchell's "NoLo" is utterly irrepressible. A confident shimmy of a song that combines clear melodic nous with bass-y riffs, giddy handclaps, and 18 year old Mitchell's vocal strutting huskily all over it. It's at once classic and, thanks to those beats, very pop chart now. Below is the premiere of the video for said song which sees Mitchell running riot with her girls, wearing the ultimate effortless cool girl outfit: battered Levi's, black Chucks, a cute little Letterman jacket, and oodles of bouncy curls. Can we be besties?

"'NoLo' was inspired by a breakup and ended up evolving into a song about being empowered and experiencing sadness in a healthy way," says the Oregon born singer. "Everyone gets upset even though we're kind of programmed not to think sadness is natural. 'NoLo; is about recognizing you need balance and can't have high without the low."

Her EP Race Day is out now on Republic.