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Radiohead Released Another Song, "Daydreaming," and Their Album's Coming Out Sunday

The video was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, and perfectly sets the mood for the track.

by John Hill
May 6 2016, 3:03pm

Radiohead won't leave us alone. In recent weeks, they've done everything from sending pamphlets to fans, "erasing" all their internet presence, and eventually releasing a new video for "Burn The Witch." But today will prove to be a climax of all of this, as they've announced the release date for their album, and it's coming this Sunday, May 8 at 2PM EST. To add more to the excitement, they've released a new video for their track "Daydreaming," and it features some all star direction from Paul Thomas Anderson, featuring Thom Yorke wandering through various landscapes, maybe just looking for a bathroom?

Watch it below, and read our 15 blazing hot takes on the previous single, "Burn the Witch."

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