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Shit We Googled This Week, Phrosties Edition

What is a phrostie and can you put lean in it? We Googled this week to find out.

by Noisey Staff
Apr 12 2014, 7:12pm

Welcome to the latest edition of Noisey's all-access, behind-the-scenes feature, in which we shine a light into the site's darkest corners to give you a view of what drives us to create all the craaaaAAazy content on this site. This week's feature is presented by Phrosties, the eminently Instagrammable (and, ironically, hard to Google), frozen drink beloved of certain New York City area residents. Whatta beverage! Read on to find out what other dumb things were consuming the minds of Noisey's editors this week as we thought about lots of sweet music and also didn't think and just mindlessly Googled away, like drones in the great Googleplex better known as life.

Eric Sundermann, Managing Editor

these hoes ain't loyal
pharrell ridiculous
billy corgan noisey
usa today noisey
mumford and sons
purple mountain majesty
kevin drew age
semisonic frontman
music writing
linkin park twitter
phrosties lean

Dude, Semisonic is so dope. That's the thing about music, is it's dope. And Semisonic especially because "Closing Time' is like the dopest song ever. That's Dan Wilson, frontman of Semisonic. He's got a new album coming out next week! Guess it's not "closing time" on his career, hehe. Check that out here, if you're so inclined.

Dan Ozzi, Editor

hardcore guy giant ship tattoo
tweedle dee and tweedle dumb
fat twins brother and sister
hick siblings
billy corgan's house
bad lieutenant 2
scott tenorman must die
most boring foods
halfpipes in williamsburg
miley cyrus press contact

Look, when the inevitable Noisey feature about Dan taking Miley Cyrus with him to Billy Corgan's house surfaces, don't say we didn't warn you, you Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dummies. Look, it's totally a tie-in. Miley has a video where she's in a Bulls jersey, Billy is the resident weird guy of the Chicago suburbs. Miley acts like she's wild and out of control, Billy's antics are actually wild and out of control. Actually, we're going to stop talking about this because just mention the idea to Billy Corgan and he'll probably start planning a reality show or vlog or spiritual retreat series about it.

Fred Pessaro, Editor-in-Chief

i will be heard
kid rock american badass lyrics
pat kiernan
integrity discogs
pat smear germs
william bennett
earache godflesh streetcleaner
ac/dc big balls
phrosties lean
nightclubbing grace jones
grace jones twitter
coco twitter
new york's alright
ice-t twitter
predator jean-claude van damme
not dead yet
austin psych fest
best bro mosh songs
total control band
rival mob revelation

After following Ice-T on Twitter, Fred Pessaro couldn't wait to mosh with his bros to AC/DC this weekend.

Drew Millard, Features Editor

dave matthews
dave matthews drunk
dave matthews nude
ezra marcus half shaft
no gods but based gods
gretchen wieners
music journalism
masta killa punched a music journalist
migos releasing dove gif
human barbie
dj khaled instagram
are you high right now
do you ever get nervous
are you single
i heard you fucked your girl is that true
u gettin money

Ultimately, what is music journalism if not an excuse to try to someday see Dave Matthews naked? We're all just shooting for something a little more perfect, a little more pure, a little more Dave Matthews in the nude. Especially Drew. Drew loves Dave Matthews. And he loves getting naked. If you have Dave's number, please pass it along to Drew so the two of them can Snapchat nudes to each other.

Kyle Kramer, Guest Editor

awesome things from the 90s
ratking bug fights lyrics
po pimp do or die
mos def
uncle ruckus
stay woke
"stay woke"
pharoahe monch asthma
rockaway beach

Per Wikipedia, according to some critics, Mephistopheles "does not search for men to corrupt but comes to serve and ultimately collect the souls of those who are already damned." But what if we are all damned? Kyle is so woke right now.

Want even more insight into the minds of Noisey's editors? Here's what we were listening to this week.

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