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Listen to Night Works' Remix of "Sound of Screams" by Thumpers

Sup Pop's latest signings get a sexy, nighttime rework.

Dec 3 2013, 5:00pm

Remixes are best when the thread between the original and the rework is spiderweb thin: you can trace the origins, sure, but suddenly you're in love with a song in a whole new way. This is exactly what Night Works achieves with Sub Pop's latest signees, Thumpers. "Sound of Screams" is a carnival whirl of clattering sticks and skyscraping harmonies: it's declarative, upbeat, and chest-swellingly giddy.

In short—remixing this sucker is a tough gig. But Night Works, aka Gabriel Stebbing, rips it apart and stitches it back together with a piano line last heard on some early-90s house tune, some cosmic Italo disco synths, and an almost breakbeat-y skip. And then he goes and throws another curveball: some old soul vocal sample. Suddenly this surging indie-pop track is low-slung and sexy.

As for how the union came about, Thumpers singer Marcus Pepperell had this to say: "We were there at Night Works' debut gig in Hackney, London, which was a Halloween show. So we were introduced to the band standing between Andrew WK and Little Dead Riding Hood. It was a dream and knew we had to do something together at some point."

Thumpers debut LP, Galore, will be released via Sub Pop on February 11, 2014.

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