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Style Rider: NONONO Are All About Weird Accessories

The Stockholm band's frontwoman shares her must-haves for tour.

by Casey Lewis
Aug 9 2014, 4:12pm

Photos by René & Radka

We're always hearing about bands' tour riders (who can forget that Van Halen refuses to be in the same room as brown M&M's, Britney Spears insists on bunless McDonald's hamburgers, and DMX requires three boxes of condoms and one gallon of Hennessey?). As for what they pack for tour? Not so much.

When musicians hit the road, they're often gone for six months at a time, traveling in a beat-up van with little more than a duffel bag. The stuff they decide to bring along has to be comfortable enough to travel in, but cool enough to wear on stage—not an easy feat.

So we're reaching out to our favorite artists to find out what they don't leave home without when they're embarking on tour. Chanel mascara? Black Chucks? That perfectly beat-up biker jacket that makes literally everything look infinitely cooler? We're about to find out, and we'll be reporting back with our findings each week.

Stina Wäppling, the lead singer of Stockholm rock band NONONO, has taken her electric performance to just about every single festival this summer. She's charmed crowds from Kentfest in Sweden to Lollapalooza in Chicago, whipping her top pony and dancing around in her mini dresses.

So how exactly does she manage to look so good after 30+ hour travel days and basically zero sleep? Her life-saving style must-haves ahead.


"There's not always time to be fresh on a festival, so this stuff's the best for volume, messy, and non-greasy hair. I like Maria Nila."


"Straight cut and baseball influenced. Showing legs is always good. I love the secondhand store, Beyond Retro, in London."

"Comfortable but hot. All Saints are really good for boots."


"I go with round retro ones so that you can check people out unnoticed and hide if you're having a bad face day."


"Hat, hair items, feathers, jewelry—anything goes at festivals, so you might as well take the chance. Also, it's really nice to have something special to remember that specific festival by."

Casey Lewis will be doing this every week. She's on Twitter - @caseymlewis.


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