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Kurt Cobain to Be Honored by Hometown with Totally Creepy Crying Statue

Pretty positive he would've hated this.

by Dan Ozzi
Feb 21 2014, 5:54pm

As you may have seen from the Facebook statuses of your friends who haven’t bought a new album in 15 years, yesterday would have been Kurt Cobain’s 47th birthday. But of course, he is not 47. He killed himself in 1994. He’s dead. People stop aging when they’re dead and that’s sort of how age works.

But in honor of the day, Cobain’s hometown of Aberdeen, WA, a place Cobain once called “Twin Peaks without the excitement,” a town he said he was run out of and “chased up to the castle of Aberdeen with torches just like the Frankenstein monster” named February 20 “Kurt Cobain Day” and honored their hometown “hero” by a performance from local band, Gebular, a speech by his first guitar teacher, Warren Mason, and an appearance by original Nirvana drummer, Whatshisface McReallyblewit. Oh and also the unveiling of a horribly gaudy statue of him at the Aberdeen Museum of History.

Here, let this this totally unbiased report on King 5 News which starts off with the sentence: “Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana, was a well-known heroin addict who shot himself nearly 20 years ago.” Cool intro, Dennis Bounds, and cool anchor name too. Take it away, Seattle news team…

Yeah, pretty sure if Kurt Cobain was alive to see this (which he is if you wear tinfoil hats and believe crazy conspiracy theories), he’d probably treat this statue with the same respect he treated those mannequins Nirvana used during the In Utero tour. Notice the lack of heads and bodies that look suspiciously as though they've been smashed repeatedly by guitars.

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