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Sarah Jaffe's Video for "Leaving the Planet" Will Bend Your Mind

Former folkster turned psych-pop songwriter drops this rad new video.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Oct 15 2014, 5:37pm

"Are you leaving the planet?" sings Sarah Jaffe. Yes. Please. Judging by this video, you are, and it would be most appreciated if you could take us with you—even if your spaceship looks like (and probably is) a colander.

The video is a kaleidscopic, stop motion experience, lit up with all the colors of the rainbow and destined to make you dream of ditching Earth ASAP.

Lifted from the Texan songwriter's newly released third album, Don't Disconnect, "Leaving the Planet" is a galaxy (sorry!) away from her early work which specialized in a nimble, spartan brand of folk. Her vocals still deliver an airy intimacy, but she's plugged in and ready to psych out, which the 28-year-old does, at the halfway point when shit gets loose and the bass drops in. Then the song breaks through the atmosphere and really takes flight. Phewf. We're all out of space/flight analogies. Just watch.

Don't Disconnect

is out now of Kirtland Records

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