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AFI Erotica Exists and It Is Really, Really Weird

AFI fans are basically goth Beliebers.

by Dan Ozzi
Aug 14 2013, 8:19pm

Davey Havok is a pretty, pretty man.

As the frontman of AFI, Davey has gone through some fashion phases over the last 20 years, from horror punk to goth rock to glam metal. He has done it all with angular facial features and a chiseled jaw. In this long, strange musical journey that Davey has taken through the depths of these weirdo subgenres, he has amassed one of the largest and most obsessive cult followings on the Internet.

These thousands and thousands of devoted AFI fans seem to have two favorite pastimes: Making Davey Havok-inspired art and writing erotic AFI fan fiction. Both of which are equal parts creepy and unintentionally hilarious. Here now are the best of both worlds—samplings from the unending ocean of fan art and some choice selections from fan-written erotica...

My thoughts are pushed aside as his cold hand meets my straining erection. I gasp, pulling away instinctively and he chuckles to himself as he drags my lip out between his teeth. A smirk is fixed on his lips and he dips his head to my collarbone, biting harder than before and making my back arch from the wall in pleasure. He continues down my body, my shirt ripping in places beneath his teeth as blood blossoms to the surface. His bites are getting deeper and bigger each time until he reaches just above my cock and he bites so hard I yell out, writhing back into the bricks in pain. I can feel the blood dripping, creating tracks downwards towards my aching cock and suddenly he’s swirling the blood along my shaft, massaging it into the flesh with a skilled tongue and my eyes are rolling back into my head.

She held him tight and kissed him back, wrapping a leg around him. He slid his hand up and down the silky skin of her thigh and cupped her ass with his hands as he kissed her. God, she was perfect. He admitted to himself all the times he'd had thoughts about her. All the times when he'd desired her, deep down in a place he didn't want to exist. He now realized that it did exist, and he gave in to it. He let his hands travel all over her body. He unhooked her bra and gently massaged her breasts. They were so soft, round and feminine. He couldn't believe he was with a woman, but she felt so good.

He was at full attention and she found that out when she slid a hand down to touch him. She unfastened his pants and tugged them and his underwear over his hips. He sucked in a breath when she began to lick his shaft, up and down, running her tongue around the head. He hadn't been so turned on in quite awhile and when she started to suck him it took a good deal of restraint not to cum right then and there. She only did it for a few moments, though, before straddling him and maneuvering him into her. He let out a moan as he sank into her. She felt wonderful. Better than he ever could've imagined.

There were 28 chapters of this story:

"Oh Davey! Oh God, yes..." her gorgeous mouth cried.

She sounded like she was going to cum any minute and he just hoped it was soon because he was about to explode. She let out a squeal and he could feel her body start to shake. He let go with her, pumping her as he released. She went still and lay there catching her breath and brushing her hair out of her face.

"God, Davey, that was so good," she sighed.

He lay next to her, speechless. He spooned her and kissed her shoulder. It was so late and he was so sleepy he fell asleep before any words could be said.

And Davey had this look in his eyes that led her to believe he was just as turned on as she was. So she decided to check. She slipped her hand down his stomach and down a little further to find an impressive bulge in his jeans.

Hidden completely by the tablecloth, she positioned herself between his legs and opened his fly. She found a very beautiful and very hard erection glistening with precum. She felt his whole body jerk when she took him in her mouth. She squeezed his thigh, trying to remind him to be quiet and be still.

"Mmm strawberry, my favorite." Nils moaned, pulling the condom from the wrapper and threw the remaining foil on the desk. He leant forward, rolling the condom onto Davey's erection and it twitched at the contact. Davey moaned softly, enjoying the feeling of Nils' hands on his cock. Nils rolled the rest of the condom down and smirked, leaning further down and taking Davey's full length into his mouth. Nils smiled as he heard his teacher gasp and moan loudly, his hands tangling themselves in his hair as his head bobbed up and down. Nils hummed as he worked the other mans cock and pulled back, running his tongue over the head of Davey's cock and then finally released it from his mouth. Davey opened his eyes which were now full of lust and pushed Nils back onto the desk forcefully. Nils grunted as his back slapped against the wood and his head landed with a thump. Davey smiled and pulled his legs apart roughly and lined himself with Nils' entrance. With one snap of his hips Davey was buried deep inside Nils and both men moaned loudly, their lips parted and looks of pure lust flooded their faces. Davey gripped onto Nils thighs, leaving red marks as his legs wrapped around his body and pushed him in deeper. Davey stumbles forwards and held himself up by placing his hands on the table, giving himself support. He began to thrust in and out of Nils slowly, loving how warm and tight he was.

From an AFI/My Chemical Romance group sex scene:

"Davey..." Gerard sighed my name. "That... feels so good..." His words caught the attention of this band mates. Frankie got up from Mikey's lap and placed himself on the bed.

"Need some help with that?" Frankie smiled seductively.

"Why not? The more the merrier..." I looked Frankie in the eyes to make sure he understood the underlying meaning of my words.


We stay like this for a while then Gerard pushed his brother off me and took his place. He was technically more skilled than Mikey but the younger Way sucked dick with such enthusiasm that I would have to say I liked him better. But nothing compared to the pleasure I felt when Frankie joined Gee and the two of them took turns licking the shaft and sucking on the head.

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