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LA Vampires By Octo Octa - 'Freedom 2K'

Want to hear what disappoinment sounds like?

by Carey Waggoner
Dec 6 2012, 10:00pm

Freedom 2K

100% Silk, 2012


    "Wherever, Boy," "His Love"

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  1. His Love
  2. Wherever, Boy
  3. Found You
  4. Freedom 2K
  5. Unity
  6. Freedom 2K (Malvoeaux

Given LA Vampires longstanding history of collaboration with artists ranging from Zola Jesus to Ital, I wasn't terribly surprised when she joined forces with Octo Octa. I was, however, terribly underwhelmed by their musical union. I mean, ouch. I wanted this one to be Rough, Rugged, and Raw’s and So Unreal’s little love baby; unfortunately, it just wasn't. In fact, It wasn't so many things I had hoped for, it left me wondering why I had ever given LA Vampires a chance in the first place.

Here's the thing: she's one half of the erstwhile Pocahaunted, the other being Bethany of Best Coast, so I shouldn't ever have expected to appreciate her influence on artists I actually enjoy listening to. She seems to present a creative conduit for artists looking to exploit and/or experience their sound in a new way--I just didn't want to expose myself to Octo Octa in that way. His talent can't be channeled in a lo-fi, Nite Jewel-esque way: what would be the point?

That being said, there is one solid moment in which I forget that the rest of this album is straight-up lounge-status and am reminded of Octa’s mastery: “Wherever, Boy.” This is a super nuanced, smooth, and spacy track that gives me Virgo, The Field, and even some Linear Movement vibes (but you know, now). It’s sort of cheesy, mad European, and really fucking great. The problem is that I want every song to be on that level and they just aren’t.This may be your cup of tea, lite™ but it just isn’t for me.

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