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Join World's Fair's Pizza Party in Their New Interactive Video for "Nem Diggas"

Grab your GoPro and let's do cool shit on the internet. Also, pizza!

by Noisey Staff
Apr 1 2014, 3:30pm

Hey, happy Tuesday. It's a beautiful spring day in New York City, so everyone at the Noisey desk is feeling especially great today because we've spent the past five months hiding under our desks and crying because the winter has been brutal and we can't seem to eat enough pizza to make ourselves feel better. And hey, speaking of pizza—since it's all we seem to be able to talk about these days–Noisey is happy to premiere Queens-based rap group World's Fair's new video for "Nem Diggas," which not only features a bunch of pizza, but is one of the more progressive videos we've seen in awhile.

Made with eight GoPros (you know, those coolass cameras that snowboarders slap on their head and wear while they jump off avalanches or whatever), the group has made a fully interactive 360 degree video. The above video captures how it all comes together, and if you want to see how the interaction works—say, Pillsbury Doughboy-style poke Remy Banks or Nigel Nasty in their stomach—head over to the group's website,

"The idea was to capture the energy of a cipher from a new perspective that didn't feel contrived," the group says. "We decided to shoot a 360 interactive video, allowing users to move around the room on their own accord, making each viewing experience different from the last. With multiple cameras and a rig built of basic materials, we shot the video at AJ’s barbershop in Brooklyn."

The internet is crazy, man.