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Stream a TILTS Track Featuring a Member of Torche And Sort Of Like Torche But Different And Still Great Like Torche

Stream a track that sounds a little like Torche but isn't, but still rips like them

Jun 12 2014, 8:22pm

Using some of the same techniques found in his other project Torche, Andrew Elstner's pop sensibility and booming riffs are front and center on his TILTS project. "Touchdowns" from the band's second LP, Cuatro Hombres, sounds like it could fit nicely on a Torche LP, just add a few rumbling slower passages, and one gnarly flapping Z-string. Check out the song below, and order your copy via Robotic Empire.


June 27 - Cactus Club - Milwaukee, Wisconsin w/ Haymarket Riot and Hot Coffin

June 28 - Township - Chicago, Illinois w/ Cougars, Haymarket Riot, and Big'n

June 29 - Murder Room - Pittsburgh, PA w/ Carousel

June 30 - Cake Shop - New York, NY w/ The Brought Low and States and Kingdoms

July 1 - Strange Matter - Richmond, VA w/ RPG, Red Money, Industry Standard

July 2 - Atalanta, GA - 529 w/ Hawks, Sons of Tonatiuh, Fister