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Iyesaya Dismantles Normality and Tackles Mental Health Stigma with "Monster"

"They say you're not normal, I said what's normal?"

by Emma Garland
Apr 26 2016, 9:23am

Iyesaya is the moniker of Dorset-based multi-instrumentalist William Dop, who is apparently one of south west England's best kept secrets. All sunrise melodies and a style of guitar playing that sounds like a drunk person perfectly articulating something, Iyesaya's vibe lands somewhere between precise British indie-rock charm and wild, crashing shoegaze. If comparisons are your bag, then Mac Demarco, King Krule, and Colourmeinkindness-era Basement all come to mind.

We're premiering his latest track "Monster" below, which tackles the stigma attached to mental health issues and the baggage that can come with it – accusations of selfishness, the word "crazy" being thrown around too casually, and "normal" used as if it means anything at all. The track comes out via UK indie label Art Is Hard as part of their Pin Pal Club.

"It's a bit of an examination of the warped perception of mental health issues in the UK," William says, "It wrestles with the concept of percieved 'normality' and ponders why its so easy to vilify those experiencing issues when on some level, isn’t everyone experiencing varying levels of mental struggle? It's an issue I feel strongly about and I believe that the single most important support system for mental health is the freedom to discuss issues honestly and without the fear of judgement – this is I suppose my way of opening the conversation."

Listen below.

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