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Grafvitnir Deftly Carries on the Swedish Black Metal Tradition with New Album 'Necrosophia'

Stream the werewolf-worshipping Scandinavian trio's new album in full.

by Noisey Staff
Dec 10 2015, 5:27pm

Russian-born, American-based Daemon Worship Productions has emerged as an underground black metal powerhouse, releasing gems from Wormlust, Serpent Noir, and Bestia Arcana amongst others. Its latest release comes from Grafvitnir, a shadowy trio whose stubborn anonymity and penchant for flamboyant language does little to mask the black majesty of their icy approach and Dissection-style leads. According to the band, their new albukm Necrosophia deals with "each dealing with the vast enigma of the Beyond and the opening of the eye of Lucifer, Scandinavian Occult Black Metal, anthems to the Lycanthropic essence and the Serpentine Mysteries."

Necrosophia is out December 18, and preorders are available now. If you dig Storm of the Light's Bane and werewolves, you're going to want to stream the hell out of this one.

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