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Embrace the Catharsis of Grief in Modern Baseball's Video for "Wedding Singer"

Mourning never felt so positive.

by Noisey Staff
May 5 2016, 1:20pm

Photo: Jess Flynn

If there is one positive side of feeling like your life is falling apart, it’s that music sounds a lot better. There’s something about getting dumped or feeling depressed that makes your favorite songs roughly 450 percent more personally enjoyable. Modern Baseball is really good at tapping into these moments of musical vulnerability, and have a knack for spotlighting just how cathartic and strange monumental life events can be. They tackled high school graduation day in “Your Graduation,” and now, in “Wedding Singer” off their new album, Holy Ghost, they take on funerals. The band literally plays in a grieving man’s brain in the video for the song. Guitarist Jake Ewald mentioned in the album’s mini-documentary that he was dealing with the passing of his grandfather while working on the album, a theme which bleeds through here, while stressing the optimistic side of mourning over the anger and frustration. “No breakdowns, no screaming,” the brain’s host makes clear to the band. Modern Baseball is not about being angry, they're about feeling better. Modern Baseball is about saving lives.

Holy Ghost is out May 13 via Run for Cover Records.

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