Soundtrack Your Post-Christmas Costumer Service Line Blues with This New Graveface Records Mixtape

Stream it in full, featuring Creepoid, Kimono Kult, Night School, Loveskills and others

Dec 26 2014, 6:05pm
Featuring the likes of Creepoid, Amoureux, Kimono Kult (mbrs Red Hot Chili Peppers & Mars Volta), Loveskills and more, Graveface Records (home of internet favorites Whirr amongst others) has dropped a mix celebrating some of their artists as well as additional acts associated with the label. The mix, headed up by Employee Ray, is available below. Stream away and check out the track listing below.

Creepoid - "Wet Bread"
Night School - "Birthday"
Loveskills - "Luna"
Kimono Kult - "La Canción De Alejandra"
Challenger - "Science of a Seizure"
Ugly Kids Club - "Good Love"
Amoureux - "Never Young As Tonight"
The Lovers Key - "Bright Eyes, Black Soul"
The Forty Nineteens - "Modern Romance"
Onward Chariots - "I Know We'll Find A Way"
Tetherball - "Vegetarian"
Cancers - "Moral Net"
My Education - "Deep Cut"
JoyCut - "Drive"
Silent Lions - "Runnin Me Down"