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Watch PJ Harvey's Heart-Warming Video for "The Community Of Hope"

Instead of appearing in the video, all of the footage centers around Washington D.C.'s most vibrant communities.

by John Hill
Mar 18 2016, 12:58pm

PJ Harvey's upcoming record The Hope Six Demolition Project is a record based on what happens to underrepresented communities when they're displaced or fucked over. So, it only makes sense that the entirety of her video for "The Community of Hope" doesn't focus on Harvey, but instead shows a variety of shots of Washington D.C. neighborhoods most at risk for falling to the fate she sings about in the song. At the end of the video, a few people from a Baptist church are gathered around an iPhone, listening to the song. The video then cuts to a service, where the churchgoers join together to sing the song. It's a great visual translation of her message, and a poignant one.

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