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Hudson Mohawke Torched Irving Plaza Last Night: The Fire in Photos

All was turnt and nobody died. God bless America.
May 29, 2015, 2:50pm

Last night in New York City, Noisey presented Hudson Mohawke as he premiered his live band setup at Irving Plaza. It was, for the lack of a better slang word, lit. We would've included fire emojis in our headline, but that's unfortunately technology we don't have available just yet. Throughout the set, the Scottish producer performed a bunch from his upcoming album _Lantern—_out June 16 via Warp Records. Backstage before the show, the Kanye-approved musician told Noisey that he was excited to see what he could do with a live setup, and that he wants to do more than just be a dude who stands on stage with a laptop. He wasn't lying, as he spent the set standing behind a bunch of pillars and as lights floated around him like, well, lanterns. Queens MC Remy Banks performed as the opener—in which he brought out fellow World's Fair members who stood on giant speakers. All was turnt and, thankfully, nobody died. God bless America.

Photographer Jason Bergman was on the scene for Noisey, capturing the madness for you to enjoy below.

All photos by Jason Bergman

Hudson Mohawke

Remy Banks