If You'd Like to Hear What a Panic Attack Sounds Like, Listen to This New Song from State Faults

Who likes emoviolence?

Oct 3 2013, 5:31pm

If you are just waking up and reading the Internet in a blissful half-sleepy state, do not listen to this song. If you are in a quiet place like a library or nursing home, do not listen to this song. If for some reason, you are an uptight 1920s business tycoon wearing a monocle, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS SONG. That was your warning. You were issued that warning because State Faults are so startlingly loud that you are bound do that thing where you play it but then comically scramble to find the volume down button.

State Faults’ new album Resonate/Desperate is such a welcomed nod to the non-toughguy hardcore scene of yesteryear. Hearing it brings to mind bands like Orchid, pg. 99, Majority Rule, and other long-defunct bands whose records currently fetch a high price on eBay (that’s what happens when you only press 250 copies). Call it screamo, call it emoviolence, call it post-hardcore. Call it whatever you want, this is hardcore so real you can almost smell the basement.

Resonate/Desperate is out on November 12 from No Sleep Records and sounds like a 40-minute-long panic attack.