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The Death Set Have a New EP to Literally Blow Up Your Stereo

Brain-scambling art punk.

Jan 16 2014, 8:23pm

We never know what to make of the Death Set. They don’t really give you the chance. Their 2011 album, Michel Poiccard, started out with the proclamation “I wanna take this tape and blow up your fucking stereo.” And that’s what they sort of did. It sounded like a 35-minute attempt by the Australian weirdos at shattering your speakers. Call it art punk or spazz rock or DJ-core. Whatever. It was all over the place and wacky and sounded great coming through a stereo, even if it was about to break.

The Death Set are dropping a new EP on us next week via Dim Mak called King Babies which you can listen to below. Now let's turn the speakers up and try to break these bad boys...