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More Scenes of SXSW: Indie Rock Will Never Die But You Will

We're not sleeping because we love live music so goddamn much.

by Steven Ruud
Mar 19 2016, 5:27pm

Big T's

It’s Saturday of SXSW week and we’re yet to sleep for more than two consecutive hours because sleep is for the weak and we love live music too goddamn much. Despite the fact that the festival does have an unchill reputation of being a hot pile of networking garbage, we’ve been having a great time building with our friends. It’s all about positivity, baby. It’s just like that old saying—when life gives you lemons, you tweet. Because there’s so much happening here—both IRL and in the timeline—we’ve definitely missed stuff that we probably should’ve seen. But that's life, right? We’ve had Steven Ruud on the ground snapping photos of the shows your handy little packet won’t tell you about. Earlier this week he provided a collection of wild shit that included Sheer Mag tearing through a set on a bridge. Below is the madness from the past two nights, which features some nice dance moves from Lust for Youth.

Young Rival

Blanck Mass

Exploded View


Lust for Youth

Noura Mint Seymali

PMS and the Moodswings

Same Sex Mary


Vaadat Charigim


Yonata Gat

Coco Rosie

Eerie Wanda


The Sloths

Total Abuse

Steven Ruud is a photographer based in Austin. Follow him on Instagram.