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PREMIERE: Playboi Carti Takes Time Out of His Day to Ask "What We Doing"

Eat your Cheerios.

by Slava Pastuk
Oct 21 2015, 5:50pm

Playboi Carti may not be a household name just yet, but he's almost guaranteed to be your favorite rapper's favorite rapper. Rumoured to be managed by A$AP Rocky and embraced by Atlanta's Awful Records with speed, it's only a matter of time until Playboi Carti achieves enough social clout until Drake can "remake" one of his songs into a hit. But will that song be "What We Doing," the latest offering from Carti produced by Brandon Thomas, the man behind "U Guessed It," and Danny Wolf, the same producer who made "Trust Me Danny" for Makonnen?

Carti has a way of folding his complicated rhymes into his hypnotic delivery, causing your to nod along without really hearing the wordplay. After your first play through of this song, you may be convinced that you need this in your car. After the third, you'll feel it touch your soul and have it become a part of your life.

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