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Find Pride In Yourself and Crush Your Foes with The Wolves Of Avalon's Die Hard 7"

Featuring a murderous Venom cover with the help of Amebix's Rob Miller, Primordial's Alan Averill, Sigh's Mirai, and Venom's own Mantas.

by John Hill
Sep 25 2015, 4:30pm

The Wolves of Avalon are a pagan black metal band from Britain that plays crushing and assured riffs spanning all differentstyles. The band is set to release a new 7", Die Hard that captures what they're about in the span of two songs. The first side of the record features a cover of Venom's near perfect "Die Hard." The cover does what you'd want it to; it takes the work laid by the forefathers of black metal, Venom from the original and adds their own guttural and just as thrashy take on things. And if that wasn't enough, the band has enlisted an all-star dream lineup in Amebix's Rob Miller, Primordial's Alan Averill, Sigh's Mirai, topping off with Venom's own Mantas. It takes the riffs and beats and sharpens them into blades, cleanly creating tears and rips in your ear drums. There is no one else you could possibly want behind the wheel.

The other side of the record is a creation of the band "Carrion Crows Reprise." The band take it down a few notches, yet the tone and throat searing vocals remain. What starts as a moody and harsh beginning eventually lighten up to folksier acoustic guitar sections, reversing the spin of the song. In two tracks, The Wolves of Avalon can dip into several different genres and styles of metal without seeming fake or not focused. Instead, they allow their musicianship and talents take the songs where they need to go genre be damned.

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