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Grindcore's Prodigal Sons Magrudergrind Return with a Ripping New Song, "Sacrificial Hire"

Stream a bone-crushing new track off the Maryland-turned-Brooklyn grind squad's upcoming new album, 'II.'

by Kim Kelly
Dec 8 2015, 4:13pm

Photo by Josh Sisk

Six years after Willowtip released Magrudergrind's last full-length, the Maryland-turned-Brooklyn trio has emerged from Kurt Ballou's studio wielding their latest album (and Relapse debut), II. As anyone with a passing familiarity with these handsome devils (and Veep alums) will expect, II is a scathing blend of grind, powerviolence, hardcore, and punk, rife with sociopolitical lyrics and bone-crushing breakdowns. Nothing this intense should be this much fun to listen to, but, like Napalm Death and Obituary before them, Magrudergrind has nailed the art of the gloriously ignorant groove.

We're stoked to be streaming their timely new track "Sacrificial Hire" right here, and as the band comments, "Sacrificial Hire is about the psychological state necessary to keep Jihadist movements alive and the idea of submission and cowardice passing for martyrdom. Also, we ripped the first riff off of Agnostic Front."

II is out via Relapse on 2/12.; preorders are up now on the Relapse site and on the Magrudergrind Bandcamp page. Don't sleep on this!

European grind freaks, be sure to catch Magrudergrind on tour with Noisey faves Primitive Man early next year—we highly recommend bringing some decent earplugs, and a shovel to scrape your shredded face off the floor.

Kim Kelly recommends downing a shot of Fireball while you listen to this. She's on Twitter.