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Primordial's Gorgeous and Sprawling "Babel's Tower" Video Will Be Your Favorite Thing of Today

The vast and expansive video is somehow just as monumental as the song itself

by Kim Kelly
Nov 24 2014, 6:14pm

Irish metal MVPs Primordial have just revealed a gorgeous new video for their track "Babel's Tower," and good lord, is it impressive. Taken from their upcoming album, Where Greater Men Have Fallen, this stately doomed ode is remarkable enough on its own, but coupling it with these visuals elevates it to a whole new level. Its muted palette of blues, silver, and bone white perfectly suit the song's refined aggression, and the stark grandeur of the Irish countryside is nothing short of breathtaking.

Vocalist Alan Averill's powerful wail seems to echo off the mountainsides as his compatriots embark upon a noble procession to the grave. The whole production puts the vast majority of metal videos to shame (much like Primordial's untouchable discography soars above those of their peers).

Where Greater Men Have Fallen is out 11/25 via Metal Blade.

Kim Kelly's Irish great-grandmother approves, but is not on Twitter.

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