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The Besnard Lakes Get Natural and Supernatural In Their Video for "The Plain Moon"

The Montreal band return with motorik grooves and a swirling take on psych-pop.

by Aliza Abarbanel
Jan 7 2016, 2:41pm

With fourteen years, two Polaris Music Prize nominations and a combination of eight EPs and LPs under their belts, The Besnard Lakes are fully enshrined rock stars. The Montreal quartet—known for lush, wide-spanning compositions are set to release their album, A Coliseum Complex Museum, later this month, named after what band member Olga Goreas explains is "the place where angels and demons mingle. It's a godless cavern of the ages. I guess it could be a metaphor for this wretched and wonderful place we call home, good old planet Earth."

Inspired by experiences with nature and the paranormal, it’s a rich follow up to November’s The Golden Lion EP. Below is the premiere of the video for "The Plain Moon," a song that uses gauzy layered vocals and a meaty, hypnotic bassline backbone to conjure a timeless, fuzzed up rock sound.

The video, directed by Joe Yarmush, is the result of collaboration with the band itself. For one shot, frontman Jace Lasek got behind the camera to film his wife and fellow band member Goreas in her wedding dress. Goreas also had an influence on the visuals, creating sigils symbolic of positive ideas that flash across the screen. “We probably love the supernatural as much as the natural, and we've always been fascinated with more esoteric elements, especially with regards to capturing them visually,” explains Goreas.

Watch the video below.

The Besnard Lakes fifth album, A Coliseum Complex Museum, is out on 1.22 via Jagjaguwar.

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