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Listen to Other Families’ Weird-As-Shit but Kind of Pretty Song “Ransom Notes”

You'd never expect something as different as this to come from a suburb like Mississauga. #Shade

by Phil Witmer
Jun 9 2016, 2:27pm

Photo by Hayley Hruska

Mississauga, Ontario is such an unassuming suburb that you’d never expect something like Other Families to come from it. The industrial-punk-whatever collective have released a new song, “Ransom Notes,” which is fragmented and unsettling as all get out with baroque instrumentation, theatrical vocals and jarring style shifts. Neat! What’s even weirder is that their new album house.xct_ is a multimedia project that lives on a USB stick as a virtual puzzle.

"’Ransom Notes’ is a riddle,” explains Other Families vocalist Zach Buck. “It forms a sort of introduction to house.xct_, a musical walkthrough of this very strange landscape that makes up the multimedia component of the new album. It's its own kind of key, a door to the netherworld, and the further you go the more ambiguous and close everything seems to become." Listen to “Ransom Notes” via its glitchy video below.

Phil Witmer is a self-hating Mississauga-n. Follow him on Twitter.

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