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Trance Farmers Shares His Firsties and Faves and a New Psych Mix

Twisted, jangly psych from an unsettlingly liberated mind.

by Ezra Marcus
Sep 12 2014, 3:00pm

Quit your job. Quit your boyfriend. Quit your car. Quit your brand. Quit your clothes. Quit your hair. Quit your mind. Join a cult. Join a cave. Join a still-bleeding animal skin. Join a primal dream state.

Now you're ready to consume this mix from Trance Farmers. He makes twisted, jangly psych, and this mix is in the same vein, featuring forgotten 60s garage bands like Teddy And His Patches and cult 70s funk singer Darondo. The latter's "Didn't I" is a tortured, lyrical highlight.

Stream Trance Farmers' exclusive mix for Noisey below, and read his entry in our Firsties and Faves series to learn about his history with astral projection and his badass onyx ring, as well as to get a glimpse into an unsettlingly liberated mind.

WAY IN - raisins and snakeskin instead of drugs (excerpt)
TEDDY & HIS PATCHES - suzy creamcheese
FORMER BOYS - bizarre love pentagon
VEX RUFFIN - shield for you
DARONDO - didn't i
JOHNNY THUNDER - i'm alive
YVES TUMOR - the feeling when you walk away
MAN - the storm

First time you ever did astral projection:
The first time I ever did I was in Berlin with my friend Henry Lee. We were living there for the summer. There's a very sensitive energy field there from the war and history. I didn't realize how much of it I was taking in until I had a lucid dream that I was marching among thousands of people in the street wearing grey wool sweaters. Then I looked down, and I was wearing a grey wool sweater too. Upon realizing I had control in the dream, I took off the sweater and lit it on fire. I could feel the sensation of the sweater against my skin and the heat from the flame. I started reading up on lucid dreaming and astral projection after that, and I've been doin' it ever since.

First time you ever got in trouble:
I was 10, and it was right when my parents split. I ran away one night to the train station and came across a big barrel of glass bottles. So, I guess out of frustration or this or that, I started smashing them, just throwing 'em off the station platform down into the street. The cops came and took me home, and I thought my pops would be real mad at me, but when it came time to give me a talking-to, he told me he could understand what I did, and that he said I was making art.

First time you ever buried something in the ground:
Guinea pig, named Bam. RIP.

First explicit music you ever hid from your parents:
Haha, Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie and shit that made my parents think I was possessed and spooky.

Favorite method to communicate with spirits:
By firelight.

Favorite fictional character:
My alter ego, Pappy the old man and Screwy the squirrel, the Tex Avery cartoon.

Favorite sensation you like that everyone else hates:
I love that static shock that happens when you're wearing a wool sweater and touch grounded metal. I'm also really into oysters.

Favorite rumor you've ever heard about yourself:
In high school one of the moms in my town told me it was going around that I was gay and a pothead.

Favorite lucky charm you own:
I gotta say, my black onyx ring that's been in my family since 1816, passed down from grandfather to grandson. And my granpap, Cowboy Cal's original cowboy hat that birds apparently built nests in.

You might call Ezra Marcus a lucid dreamer, but he's not the only one. He's on Twitter - @ezra_marc

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