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What IS Italo Disco?

The great “forgotten” genre explored in this ultimo mix.

by Carey Waggoner
Sep 19 2012, 9:00pm

You probably don’t know how hard it is to find good Italo disco tracks. That’s because you probably hadn’t even heard of “Italo disco” until Johnny Jewel rolled out the revival red carpet for his projects, Chromatics and Glass Candy. Remember that? It was the era of the Sally Shapiros and Annies, a time—much like now—when Italo disco’s ubiquitous influence was heard but, for the most part, not sourced. Pretension aside (and for someone so categorically against discussing genre-specific music), this is one musical moment I can safely say you probably should avoid outside of this article. Most of it just sucks and a lot of it looks and sounds like this:

If you can deal with this aesthetic and band names like "Gay Cat Park," it's your lucky day, as I’ve sifted through hours of videos like this, vocoders, bad English accents, and cheesy synthesized melodies to bring you the ultimate Italo mix. It’s the compilation Moroder—the Godfather—would cut for you. It’s a collection this little sonic hound is proud to share with you below, so enjoy a few favorite videos with a detailed set list following.

(My favorite)

(Could be husband to...)

(Instrumental preferred)

(à La Planète Sauvage)



And, in no particular order, the rest of Noisey's ULTIMO MIX:

"See You In Venice (iVenti d'Azzurro Remix)" - Armando Ferro

"For Hours Now (iVenti d'Azzurro Remix)" - 'Lectric Workers

"Tribal Stomp" - Ipsychic Interface

"I Don't Wanna Lose You (Club Mix)" - Lime

"Let It Be Love (Savino Mix)" - Miko Mission

"Don't Talk About It" - Swan

"Polaris" - Cyber People

"Tech-No-Logical World" - Patrick Cowley


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