Listen to Antarctigo Vespucci, the New Project from Jeff Rosenstock and Chris Farren

Plus, we talked to them about the pros and cons of being a verified Twitter user and the 'LOST'-themed podcast they do for some reason.

Mar 27 2014, 2:25pm

Someone should really make a buddy comedy starring Chris Farren and Jeff Rosenstock. Chris, the singer of Fake Problems and Jeff, the founder of the possibly(?) defunct Bomb the Music Industry! have an adorable, symbiotic relationship. In addition to being besties, the two also have a podcast where they revisit old episodes of LOST and now, as is the natural progression of being pals, they made a record of pop songs together under the name Antarctigo Vespucci. The album is called Soulmate Stuff (great title for the buddy comedy too, by the way) and we talked to them about how it came about, plus t-shirts, Twitter, and workout routines.

Check out "Giving Up On U2," the first song released from the album below. It will be available digitally April 8 and on vinyl in June via Really Records. Jeff and Chris will host a live episode of their runaway smash hit podcast, Back To The Island, on April 25 at Union Hall in Brooklyn. And Antarctigo Vespucci will be playing their first (and possibly only, who knows?) show at Shea Stadium the next day.

Noisey: Thanks for taking the time, guys. I can’t believe that between tweeting and podcasting and just being punk celebs in general, you could fit me in.
Jeff Rosenstock: Man, the Vice snark just starts right away, huh?
Chris Farren: Thank you for having us. I can always make time for an interview on a big website.

So did you just make this record together because you found one an hour a day where you weren’t hanging out or what?
Chris: Yeah, I was in NY at the end of 2012, working on music, trying to write some songs, and was hanging out with Jeff at a show and he said, "Let's make a song together tomorrow.” So we did.
Jeff: And then I mixed it and sent it to Chris and he said it's gonna end up being a Fake Problems song.
Chris: Yeah I stole it back.
Jeff: Which was super cool of him.
Chris: I liked it too much and got scared.
Jeff: I'm still not certain these songs won't get snatched from me at the last second. The deposit for the vinyl is still a pending transaction on my credit card. Anyway, then me and Chris were texting each other about some bullshit and we were talking about him coming out and just making a full thing with me.

And since I know you are DYING to tell the world: Why did you name the band Antarctigo Vespucci?
Chris: Jeff came up with it before we even made the first song.
Jeff: I thought it was a widely known fact that Amerigo Vespucci is the person who kinda discovered and named America. And I thought it would be funny if the person who discovered every country was also named Something Vespucci.
Chris: No one seems to get it.
Jeff: Asiago Vespucci. Afrigo Vespucci. Antarctigo Vespucci.
Chris: My mom didn't get it. And my mom homeschooled me.

How would you describe it for people, using hashtags only?
Jeff: #sevensongsbutreallyonlyfivesongs #printedontwelveinchstillfullprice
Chris: #powerpopiguess #bombthemusicindustrywithchrisfarrensinging

Does it cause any rift between the band, with Chris being a verified Twitter user and Jeff just being a “normie”?
Jeff: I feel like I really have been talking way too much bullshit about how I'm not verified on Twitter. I honestly couldn't give a flying fuck if a corporation legitimizes my social presence.
Chris: I was with Jeff when I got verified so he's my lucky star. Is that an expression?

Do you ever think that might break you guys up?
Jeff: Chris told Twitter that if they don't verify me, they can un-verify him. That's commitment.
Chris: It's true.

Like straight people who won’t get married until their gay friends can, right on. That’s solidarity.
Chris: I'm a man of the people.

Chris, how was your recent experience in the Big Apple?
Jeff: Boy, Chris got some big city livin' in, tell you what!
Chris: I love New York. I'm kind of burnt out on Naples. Fake Problems hasn't been on tour that much this past year, so I've been really anxious to get out of town and do something.

And how is your LOST podcast going?
Chris: It's going as good as a LOST podcast in 2014 could go. (Very good.)

You guys have been trying to get Mark Hoppus on it. How close are you on that?
Jeff: Closer now that you mentioned it. But still, like, not close at all.

If he is reading this, use this as a forum to make your case to him.
Jeff: Mark Hoppus, I'm sure you've never heard this before but I really like Enema of the State.
Chris: Mark, you are famous, you rock, come be on podcast.

Besides Hoppus, who would be your dream guest for your LOST-themed podcast?
Chris: Hurley! Anyone from LOST really!
Jeff: Harris Wittels would be my dream guest.
Chris: Oh wow. Yeah. Harris Wittels for sure.
Jeff: Or Amy Poehler. As long as they watch LOST though. Hannibal Buress, man. That'd be amazing.

Maybe Rivers Cuomo would be on it. He is a fan of Noisey and he named a Weezer album after the character.
Jeff: I think we trash talked Rivers in the last episode. So probably not.
Chris: No, it was all you, I said very nice things.
Jeff: I think it's a funny podcast because it's a bunch of people you haven't heard of talking shit about this very famous thing. Our guests have mostly just been my friends. I think my fiancé is my dream guest on the show, and I think we're more likely to get Hurley on than her.

After you conclude LOST, what other famous shows would you like to revisit in podcast form?
Chris: Jeff said after this podcast ends in two years, he doesn't want to make another podcast with me.

Fair enough.
Jeff: It's crazy, we're going to be doing this podcast for TWO YEARS! Will there even be TV then? Will people be binge-listening to podcasts? No, probably not that second thing.

Maybe in two years, I will do a podcast where I look back on your podcast that looked back on LOST.
Jeff: That would be a very unpopular podcast.
Chris: You would have two listeners, me and Jeff.

It will be the Chris Farren t-shirt wormhole for 2016. Speaking of, how are your t-shirt sales going, Chris?
Jeff: I'll field this one. Chris has $1,000,000.
Chris: The t-shirt biz is going well. It's kind of on auto-pilot right now. I'm not really too interested in racking my brain for funny t-shirt ideas. It was a nice, funny, crazy thing that happened for sure, and it has afforded me the ability to make music a little more freely than usual.

Well thanks for taking the time, guys. What's on your schedules for the rest of the day?
Jeff: I'm going to get some headphones in the mail at some point. Send some mail order. Try to mix the last Bomb the Music Industry! shows.
Chris: I'm going to write some music and ride my bike to the gym.

Whatcha gonna do at the gym? Chest flyes? Squats? What’s your thing, bro?
Jeff: He just rides his bike to the gym. He doesn't do any exercises inside.
Chris: Basically, the gym is four miles away from my house, so I ride my bike there, get a smoothie, and ride home. $30 a month.
Jeff: Free smoothies?
Chris: $5 smoothies. I'm rich.

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