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The Singles Club with Mish Way: High-Functioning Flesh's "Self-Management" Rots Our Brains

Paging Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn.

by Mish Way
Mar 22 2014, 7:45pm

Los Angeles duo High-Functioning Flesh put out this little demo tape a while ago, and it kind of freaked me out in all the right ways. I don’t know what it is about Los Angeles right now, but there is a major electro-punk thing happening. Maybe this is the discreet way of telling the music community all the little punks are over dealing with live drummers? They just released a music video for their single “Self-Management,” and it's killing me.

This one time when I was in the ninth grade a bunch of my girlfriends and I took mushrooms. (How many? A lot.) We were at my friend Brenda’s house because her house was The House to sneak out of and go to bush parties so we could get wasted and occasionally get finger-banged in a car. This one particular mushroom trip, we all decided to watch The Cell. You remember that movie with Jennifer Lopez when she goes into the mind of comatose serial killer in hopes of figuring out where he has trapped his latest victim? Totally chilling stuff. Anyways, on mushrooms that movie is so weird; a satisfying hoax. I mean, you don’t even really remember that it’s Jenny From The Block and Vince Vaughn. That’s kind of what HFF’s new video reminds me of. It brings the same feelings. Like, I got to pee really bad, but I ain’t leaving this freak show because it’s uncomfortably awesome.

HFF's debut album “A Unity of Miseries, A Misery of Unities” comes out on March 30 in DKA Records and is available for pre-order right now.

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Mish Way owns The Cell on Blu-Ray, obviously, and also sings in White Lung. She's on Twitter. - @myszkaway