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Go Do Sweet Beach Stuff to Modern Vices' "Cheap Style"

Embrace the sunshine and drink some Buds on the beach with your buds.

by Eric Sundermann
Jul 7 2014, 3:35pm

The beach rules. I know this because I just spent the last four days at the beach celebrating our great nation's 238th birthday. I did super sweet beach stuff like sitting on the beach, drinking Budweiser on the beach, smoking on the beach, listening to Tom Petty on the beach, and tossing the ol' pigskin around on the beach. It was epic—like, so beyond epic, brah (that's beach talk, btw)—that now all I want to do is listen to some dope sunny weather songs and sit on the sand and live a glorious life on the beach as a "beach guy."

Lucky for me there's a great new little band by the name of Modern Vices, and Noisey has the premiere of their single, "Cheap Style," a swinging, garage rock track made for doing kick flips on the boardwalk (or something else beach-y, like playing video games in the local arcade or drinking a slushi out of one of those really long tube-like neon-colored souvenir cups you can find at Coney Island). However, we probably shouldn't pigeonhole this five-piece as a surf band—after all, they're from Chicago—so let's just say this track sounds great in the sunshine. Their self-titled debut drops in October via Autumn Tone Records, so summer will never end.