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Watch River Tiber's Striking New Video, "The Star Falls"

Some music just isn't meant for standard-issue Apple earbuds.

by Sasha Hecht
Oct 9 2013, 5:20pm

Some music just isn't meant for standard-issue Apple earbuds. Sure, listen to your crunchy garage lo-fi through whatever cans you want—you probably spent more on your set of emergency airport-bought in-ears than they spent recording the damn thing. But 22-year-old singer/multi-instrumentalist Tommy Paxton-Beesley's winding minimalist post-dub project River Tiber was made with love for top-shelf audio only.

"The Star Falls," the new video from this climbing Toronto producer, is a meticulous tip-toe through clipping percussive loops and wistful memories of melodies—a gentle but persuasive suggestion to lean in and listen close. River Tiber's The Star Falls EP is slated for a November 19th release with his full-length, Synapses, dropping shortly thereafter, which gives you a little over one month to save up for those high-end audiophile monstrosities you've had your eye on.

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